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January in Review: My Buick-driving, big ring-wearing era

The whole point of going to Texas and getting the Buick was so that I could sell my (beloved) 2021 Toyota RAV4 and buy something a little different. I sold it a week after getting back from Texas, to a friend who was in the market for nearly the exact same model as mine. It is still insane to me that it all worked out as well as it did, not just for me, but for her too.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the Buick. It’s a boat, but, as it turns out, I kind of love it. I have a tape deck adapter that connects to my phone via bluetooth, as well an FM transmitter, both of which keep me connected to playlists and podcasts, and driving this thing is a dream.


Other January highlights include seeing Saved by the 90s, a 90s tribute band, with a pack of girlfriends; celebrating two years of Claude; eating two piles of steak frites at Grisette; starting a fitness tracking spreadsheet with a friend to help us both stay accountable; and running the Frostbite 15K for the eleventh time, even though it was a 6.6 miler due to flooding on the course.

I read three books, which is maybe an all-time low for January, but all of them were good: The Christmas Orphan’s Club by my real-life friend Becca Freeman, Bright Young Women by Jessica Knoll, and One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle (related: if you haven’t read Serle’s In Five Years, you should).

The best thing I watched was the latest season of True Detective, the best thing I made was this buffalo chicken wrap recipe, and the best thing I listened to was What the Duck?! an Australia podcast that covers a riveting plethora of critter-related topics.

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