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5 Friday Favorites – 3.22.24


I made the switch to natural deodorant when I was deployed in 2016. I was in Kuwait where daily temperatures liked to hang out in the triple digits, and I figured if natural deodorant could take care of me in that environment, it could easily handle the comparative cool of Virginia. Over the years, I’ve switched brands a few times and used Megababe’s Rosy Pits for a long while and was generally pretty happy with it. It is baking soda-free, but would still cause an occasional underarm sizzle, especially right after a fresh shave. I saw their Green Deo recommended somewhere as being less irritating and made the switch and it’s kept me stink-free through a half-marathon training cycle and it’s yet to sizzle my underarms.


My podcast queen, Rachael G. King, is an A++ Recommender of Content. When she told me about this podcast about J.K. Rowling and her subsequent cancellation, I listened immediately. It provides not only commentary from J.K. Rowling herself, as well as from the people hurt by her inflammatory comments, plus the host has her own unique history that lends relevance to her storytelling.



At this point, I’ve been a runner for more than a decade and, after running for that long, I’ve had varying levels of motivation. I had a few not great races in 2023 that wrecked my mental space a little bit and in training for the River City Half here in Richmond earlier this year, I decided to try a few of the guided runs in the Nike Run Club app, and, for the most part, they’ve been great! I especially like their speed workouts because I get to zone out and listen instead of looking at my watch to see when I need to increase or decrease my speed, but I also really like their more motivational easy runs.


I keep hinting at all the big things to come in 2024, and while I’ve never been a manifesting, vision board-making kind of girl, I figured making a digital version of the things I’m aching for this year wouldn’t be too hard. Plus, scrolling through pretty Pinterest pictures feels much better than doomscrolling on Instagram or TikTok.


This show first aired in 2021, and, true to form, I’m just now realizing how great it is. I have friends who keep me well-informed about the latest pop culture content I should be consuming, so I can’t claim to not know what’s out there. It’s just that, for reasons unknown, I like to hoard recommendations. Much like a squirrel preparing for winter, I build a stockpile of good things and then, when the mood is right or the algorithm provides, I feast. The point is, this show is good. It’s got strong 30 Rock vibes and is both smart and funny.

What’s on your favorites list this week?

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One thought on “5 Friday Favorites – 3.22.24

  1. On my second viewing of G5E and realizing I missed 50% of the jokes bc of how many there are, it’s SO GOOD

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